Travel Guide: Singapore


{Singapore Sunsets}

Never in a million years did I think I would find myself in a far flung place like Singapore, but then again I had never factored setting up life in the Middle East to be on the cards for me either! During the Spring Break a few of the girls and I went travelling and decided to round off our Indonesian adventure with a little city stop in Singapore.

Singapore, although famously expensive to live in due to many taxes and fees is still a hot favourite with expats which was noticeable when hanging in achingly trendy spots such as Clarkes Quay. A fun fact for any Irish travellers Clarkes Quay is also home to a McGettigans. If you’re craving a bit of home grub and don’t mind the manufactured Irish look then it will do you fine!

{China Town at Dusk}


{Year of the Monkey}


{Every type of kiddie chopsticks from Hello Kitty to Minions}

We were wrecked by the time we got to Singapore but still managed to enjoy all the city has to offer. On our first night we went for a wander around China Town. This was one of the more authentic China Towns that I have been to before. It’s nice for a wander around to pick up little nick nacks and souvenirs and to grab some quick Chinese food too. I still regret not picking up some kiddies chopstick holders because they would have made life so much easier for me!




{Far Far Away}
{Entering the enchanted land of Far Far Away}



{Puss in Boots ears make a nice alternative to Minnie Mouse ones!}
{Gingy had one too many drinkies!}
{I can now confirm that having minions dance around you is actually quite scary!}
{Kisses from Elmo and I}
{Madagascar Land was beyond cool but the Crate Ride was unfortunately closed the day we were there}

We only spent four days in Singapore and most of those days were taken up with Universal Studios Singapore and Sentosa Island. I love theme parks and so I was right at home at Universal Studios, it’s smaller than other parks I’ve been to but still worth a visit. The Transformers simulation ride was one of the best I’ve ever been on. I also loved visiting Fiona’s Castle in Far Far Away.

{The Cable Car was thrilling but extremely terrifying at first!}
{At the first station of the cable car people can buy bells and write their names on them and tie them here, there were thousands!}



{The Tunnel at the Aquarium was amazing}
{The Big Tank}


{I’m always fascinated by stingrays}
{S.E.A had an amazing amount of jelly fish}


{A tank you can walk over was a new experience for me}


Sentosa Island is actually home to Universal Studios but the larger island boasts far more attractions in its own right. On the second day of our two day pass we indulged in a wide range of activities. We went onto the island by the famous cable car. It was scary at first but also thrilling! I love aquariums so visiting S.E.A Aquarium was a major thing for me and I was not disappointed. This aquarium was one of the largest that I have visited and had so many different breeds of fish. The big tank had lots of room around it so you could just sit and chill and watch the fishies for as long as you wanted! Another stand out of the day was the Trick Eye Museum. I’ll be honest and say that I wasn’t too excited to go here but I’m so happy that the girls wanted to because it was one of the most memorable attractions I have experienced to date! It also made for great Instagram shots!

{I had to seriously limit the amount of pictures I have from the Trick Eye Museum because you would be scrolling forever! However, it is suffice to say to it is well worth a visit}



The last amazing thing we did was the Singapore Flyer, it is the same idea as the London Eye but if I remember correctly it is bigger than the Eye. We went on it at night time which I’d highly recommend to also do because there is something magical about city lights. From the Flyer all the big sights such ¬†as Marina Bay Sands and Gardens By the Bay are visible. Unfortunately I didn’t get to do either of these properly this time round. Of course this means that I just have to go back and with Singapore being such a good stop-over city for Asia I’m sure this will happen again soon!


I hope my Singapore travel diary has inspired some adventure in my readers. This post barely scratches the surface of everything that I did which means that you’ll never be bored in Singapore. For once I have done far better with the pictures. I thank my new iPhone 6S for this!

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Until next time,

Xo Laura

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