5 Things from the Week

{Yoga and Smoothies}

I know I’ve been absent for yet another long stint of time. Life has been getting on top of me. I always found excuses such as being too busy with work so I couldn’t possibly find time to write. However, this post is currently been typed on my brand new MacBook Pro. To say I am in love in an understatement! I even feel like I have a new lease of inspiration for writing because of it. I feel like a real blogger now that my laptop can go anywhere with me so hopefully updates will become as frequent as they used to be.

As per usual My Five Things has always been one of my favourite posts to write so naturally I am starting back with my current loves.


184536161. Desparate in Dubai

Sometimes I crave a girly read so I can just switch my mind off and relax. Ameera Al Hakawati’s novel is one of the most entertaining and indulgent reads I’ve had in awhile! Following the rebellious Emirati Heiress Lady Luxe around Dubai on her adventures was even better because I knew a lot of the places mentioned in the book. I too like to party in Barasti!







2. Hot Yoga

I took a break from yoga during my college years but recently I have gotten back into it. However, the yoga I do now is so different to what I did back in my teenage years. Now I do a form of hot yoga called Mohska at The Hot House in Al Zeina. Mohska provides a great all over toning workout while also providing relaxation. It is incredibly hard when you are new to the practice but with time it becomes easier and extremely addictive. I go twice and sometimes three times a week when I can and feel like I’m in the best shape ever.







3. Zomato

Never did I think I would find myself recommending a food delivery app but there is always a first for everything! Zomato is great because it pulls all the restaurants in my area and easily lets me order and pay online. It is a life saver when I’m super tired but still want to eat healthily so I just order a salad from my favourite nearby cafe and it shows up at my door an hour later. It also gives press to brand new restaurants before they become popular so I can always stay ahead of the crowd.


{The Violetta Cocktail at BU!}


4. BU! Trinity,

The Hub@Nation Towers Mall, Downtown Abu Dhabi

I found BU! through the Zomato app. The Latin American based restaurant has an enormous and incredibly funky rooftop terrace. It has a New York feel to it which is probably one of the reasons why I like it so much! We had a bunch of little nibbles and drinks that actually totalled to an eye watering price but I still recommend this place as I had one of the best cocktails ever here!


5. Niomi Smart’s YouTube Channel

I stumbled across Niomi’s Channel last week and have become obsessed ever since. She enjoys the same lifestyle as me and so I often look to her for inspiration. I love her “What I Eat in a Day” videos which helped to lead her to find her niche in healthy eating and fitness. Her book is due to drop in September so I’m intrigued to see what it will be like. Until then I’ll be watching my subscription box for new videos!

I hope you enjoy this post,

Xo Laura

As usual you can follow me on Insta: @lalaflutterby



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