Mushrif Park On Saturdays


This weekend I wanted to do something different so I decided to head into the city with my friends. I have wanted to go to Mushrif Park since I moved here. With the temperature having dropped steadily in Abu Dhabi over the last few weeks a lot more outdoor activities have kicked off.


The Ripe Food Market on Saturdays started a few weeks ago and I finally made it this weekend and I was not disappointed. Sometimes it’s hard to get really good fruit and veggies in the Middle East but the Ripe stalls had the best veggies and fruit I have seen in ages.

There was a really nice buzz around the park today because there was an science fair on for children and also the Metronome Open Mic.

{These bubbles were made by a giant net}
{I was obviously fascinated by them!}

There was a really nice crowd of people chilling on the lawn for the Metronome gig. I loved that blankets were provided for everyone to sit down, it was such a nice touch. We indulged from the surrounding food stalls and sat and listened to some local artists for awhile.


{Some of the funkiest doughnuts I have ever seen}
{I had to have the Oreo Doughnut of course}


Mushrif Park has definitely become one of my favourite ways to pass a Saturday afternoon. I love the relaxed, almost European feel it has. I will also be checking out more of Metronome’s events again. It’s a really nice way to end a chilled weekend before heading back to teaching in the morning. The Park itself is huge and I only saw a fraction of it today. I want to go back on a quieter day to explore more and check out the Botanical Gardens that are meant to be incredible.

Hoping that everyone had a fabulous weekend,

Xo Laura.

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