My Top Eats in Cork City


I am back in my college town visiting friends (such as the fab Saoirse above!) for the next few days. Cork was truly a great place to go to college and I will miss both the city and the amazing people that I met here and now count as friends. Cork also has some amazing places to eat and so I figured a quick round up my favourite spots would be a great idea for a post!

1)  Paradise Crepe on Academy Street


Run by a French man this little restaurant is unbelievably authentic. Tucked away on one of the little side streets behind Opera Lane this place has always been a favorite with my friends and I. The staff even know my order by heart now! Saoirse and I went yesterday so this is why I have a flood of new pictures from here! Top tip: You can never go wrong with a one filling with the home made chocolate sauce.

2) Ramen

photo (4)

Owned and bred in Cork this Asian Street food restaurant is incomparable to all else! If you are starting in University College Cork in September the ‘6 Before 6’ at the Dennehy’s Cross location is about to become your life! I ordered in Ramen while in a slightly tipsy state the other night so all I have is a snap of the box that my Firecracker Chicken with Udon Noodles came in!

3) O’ Conaill’s Hot Chocolate

photo (1)

Situated opposite Paradise Crepe this little place is perfect for the post work/ college/ weekend and ‘I just feel like it’ treat. This place should be world famous in my opinion!

4) Liberty Grill on Washington Street

photo 5 (3)

photo 4

So this one is not such a well kept secret but the girls and I did way too many brunches here over the past years for it not to be included. If you are feeling fancy order a Mimosa with the East Coast Breakfast. I have heard this place is great at night time too.

5) KC’s 


I am cheating on this one because it is outside the city in Douglas but I refuse to do a post about eating in Cork and not include the best, non-traditional chipper of all time. People in Cork are very protective of what their go to order is, mine is a King Creole if that isn’t obvious with the above picture, but no matter what you will find something you love here. Just be prepared for long ques at peak munching times!

Fun side fact they also have a short documentary on YouTube!

The Best of the Rest

collage-2015-08-05 (1)

  • Orso and Cafe Gusto are great for Tapas lovers.
  • Sunday Jazz Brunch at The Bodega is great for special occasions
  • The Gourmet Sausage Company is perfect for fancy hot dogs and you get to visit The English Market at the same time
  • Coqbull is the place to go for a fancy burger and they are very good to accommodate large groups of people (I know from a hilarious past experience with my J1 girls!)

I hope you guys enjoyed this post and that you have been inspired to try a few new places the next time you are in Cork!

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Xo, Laura

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