Travel Guide: London

I am going to be honest, London and I are part of an ongoing love affair! I have actually lost count of the amount of times that I have been there as I used to spend every summer there as a teenager. It is a great city full of culture and liveliness. I actually really want to relocate there and have applied for a job with the ASOS Media Team so if everyone can cross their fingers and wish me luck that would be great because I really want a job where I get to move and actually earn money! It really is the simple things in life!

I mentioned the other day to a friend that I was going to do my London Travel Guide and she promptly stated that I could do a whole section on London! But let’s just start with the post for now. This is going to be a hodge podge of highlights of my various trips and what I feel are must sees.

My most recent trip was the beginning of last summer when I went with my sister. She had not been in years so I really acted as a tour guide that weekend!





My sister is an Engineer so I took her to the Science Museum. It was a great place to go on a rainy day and it is full of interactive games and demonstrations. She had a great time while I got a little bored after awhile but that’s just the way things go!

IMG_1478 IMG_1484 IMG_1486

We also went to The Natural History Museum in Kensington that day. I have been several times and it always fascinates me. The skeleton of the giant dinosaur in the entry hall is a great photo op. The earth quake simulator is also pretty cool. In summer time they have The Butterfly Exhibition out on the lawn which I have also been to and its really beautiful to see.

The Victoria and Albert is great for the special collections they get in so look that up before you go to see if you need to book your tickets in advance and for the Art Buffs The National Gallery on Trafalger Square is a must see. I have been countless times and it never gets old!

The West End Shows and Leicester Square


Leicester Square may be a bit of a tourist trap but it is still worth the visit if it is your first time in London. It is great to soak up the atmosphere with an ice cream during summer and you may even spot a celebrity if there is a film premier there that day.


I always try to get a show in when I am in the city and so I have seen quite a few by now! We always buy our tickets that morning in Leicester Square as they are reduced in price in order to fill the theaters. You can get matinee tickets for a song if you shop around the different sellers on the square!

The last time I was in London I went to see the Lion King with my sister. We had seats in the stalls are were amazed when the animals walked up the aisles and onto the stage when the show started! The Lion King is one of the few shows that does not have to discount their tickets because they always sell out.


But other great shows that I have been to are Dirty Dancing, Wicked, Ghost and Legally Blonde. I also really want to see The Commitments which is playing at the moment.

While in Leicester Square it is worth while to drop into M&M’s World for a few cute photo ops!


Buckingham Palace Tour

I still remember this as being one of the best hot chocolates I have ever had!
I still remember this as being one of the best hot chocolates I have ever had!


If you go to London in the summer months the Buckingham Palace Tour is incredible! I unfortunately do not have many pictures from here because you are only allowed to take photos in the gardens but it is an experience you will never forget. I have seen Kate Middleton’s Wedding Dress there which was stunningly beautiful. At roughly £16 a ticket it won’t break the bank either. My next big royal stop is visiting the Royal Mews.

Cute Places to Visit

Notting Hill is a beautiful little place to visit, especially when it is market day on Portobelllo Road. This is actually my dream neighborhood to live in if I ever get the chance to.

Columbia Road Flower Market is a lovely way to spend a lazy Sunday morning and you can come away with a beautiful and cheap bouquet of flowers.

A River Cruise to the little yet wonderful village of Greenwich is a less obvious way of exploring the outer city. Shop around the various companies and boats on offer at Embankment Pier. I would also love to do this as a dinner cruise at night time.

Covent Garden is one of my favourite places to spend a day pottering around in and also has some lovely pubs for those cheeky summer evening drinkies.


The Parks

This is taken on Wimbledon Common where you can actually meet The Wombles on certain days if you are lucky 😉
Taken on a visit to Hyde Park in Autumn

IMG_1160 IMG_1161 194

The parks in London truly are beautiful no matter what time of year it is. Weather permitting a picnic in one of the parks is always a great way to spend an afternoon. Kensington Gardens are currently my favourite and I really want to visit the picturesque park at Marylebone. I also just found out at that you can have Afternoon Tea at The Orangery at Kensington Palace which is now firmly on my to-do list. Last Christmas I also stumbled upon a German Christmas Market at Hyde Park Corner which was surprisingly authentic! I understand that it is there every winter and I would highly recommend going at night time so you can see the skyline and Park Lane all lit up.

Places to Munch

Jamie Oliver now has restaurants all over London. From his Italians in both the Westfield Shopping Centres to his Burger Joint in Covent Gardens he is always a good choice for me!

I really want to have Afternoon Tea at Sketch was is fairly new and meant to be fabulous.

I seriously need to eat at Duck and Waffle which is located on the 40th floor of Heron Tower. Take at look at their website and you will understand why!

You can never go wrong it a good old fashioned British Gastro Pub and I particularly like The Silver Sword near Trafalgar and if you go a couple of blocks off Oxford Street on the Selfridge’s side you will find an entire, almost secret quaint little area of shops, wine bars and restaurants.

The London Eye vs The Shard

My entire school year panning out on the grass following our jaunt on The London Eye, this photo was taken 6 years ago!
My entire school year panning out on the grass following our jaunt on The London Eye, this photo was taken 6 years ago!

I have been on the London Eye while on a school trip when I was sixteen and it was only okay if I am honest. Unless you know your landmarks you will have a hard time knowing what is what because there is no commentary in the pods. However, with the unveiling of The Shard and its viewing platform I feel like this is a far better choice because you get a far better view of the city from here. It is a bit expensive, coming in around £26 but for a once in a life time opportunity it is probably worth it! If money is no object you can also dine at the top of The Shard.

Late Night Tube Ride Home
Late Night Tube Ride Home

London is a fantastic city, you will never be bored here as there is always something to do. This post offers just a sliver of what is on offer! If you love a city of culture and to eat, drink and generally just live the life then London is for you! Be warned there probably will be a part two to this post sometime in the future!

For now I hope you enjoyed this post and it has helped you if you are planning a trip there,

Xo Laura

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